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The following is an extract from the Menlo Park Reader:


The bodies of Ms. Horse-Riding Barbie and friend (undressed) were discovered early last night by an unknown third party on the front lawn, a location known by locals as a hot spot and hangout for young miscreants.

It is unclear why Ms. Horse-Riding Barbie and friend (undressed) were out on the front lawn during the course of last night, but P.T.P.I. (Part Time Private Investigator) William “The Wild Bull” La Fontaine, accompanied by Officer Legoman of the MP PD (Menlo Park Police Department) advise that they may have been in the area for nefarious purposes, given the presence of two firearms found at the scene.

Image 1.jpg
Scene of the gruesome double homicide – photo supplied courtesy of the Menlo Park Reader’s traffic helicopter – “The Eye in the Proverbial Sky”
P.T.P.I. La Fontaine stated that, from initial investigations, it would appear that Ms. Horse-Riding Barbie and friend (undressed) entered into a confrontation with a regular front lawn local, a Ms. Rosie (AKA: The Rose). Further sources indicate that the confrontation escalated into an armed encounter between the parties, given the presence of the two firearms found at the scene. It is assumed that Ms. Rosie (AKA: The Rose) disarmed the two deceased with a technique known as “The Chew“.

P.T.P.I. La Fontaine has indicated, however, that it is unclear why Ms. Horse-Riding Barbie and friend (undressed) were in possession of said firearms, given that neither had opposable thumbs, let alone separate fingers at the time.

image 2
P.T.P.I. La Fontaine and Officer Legoman address the media at the scene of the double murder.
Officer Legoman has declined to comment, save to admit that the alleged killer, Ms. Rosie (AKA The Rose) has been taken into custody and is currently inside, languishing at “The Owner’s” pleasure. Reports suggest that she is unrepentant. Reports further suggest that she refuses to admit any involvement in the crime and has stated that she will not plea in the matter.

image 3.jpg
Ms. Rose (AKA The Rose) (AKA The Accused) is unrepentant.
Another regular front lawn local, a Ms. Ruthyputhy  (Name changed to protect identity) and known companion to Ms. Rosie (AKA The Rose), has denied any knowledge of the incident, stating simply that she was not there if and when the confrontation turned violent.

Additional reports indicate the presence of a damaged yellow plastic cricket bat in the vicinity of the scene, but the authorities are loath to admit the possible involvement of one Oscar Pistorius, given that his current whereabouts are known to prison officials.

Officer Legoman of the MP PD has; however, asked that should any person or persons have any further information which may lead to the resolution of the matter, they are to please contact him without delay.

Family members and acquaintances of  Ms. Horse-Riding Barbie and friend (undressed) have indicated that the double homicide was to be expected, given that both deceased had been over-nighting close to the front lawn for some time now.

The investigation is continuing.

Report by the Menlo Park Reader.


“Sometimes Afraid” from the Series: “Who we are”


“The voices in my head are shadows, shadows
She comes to me, to tell me what they’re after
Says it ain’t the end boy but you best be careful, careful
Might catch your tail end in a circle, circle”

  • With thanks to Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros (Child)

Extract from a diary found South of here (12) – Last Words

These are the last words that I will say to you.

Moving from room to room in the half-light of the house, dust motes caught in the slim shafts of sun slipping through the half closed curtains. I trace the tips of my fingers across old wooden shelves and glance at the photos placed before the books.

Listener’s Library beside the paisley covered high wing back rocker. Reading glasses on the dining room table, half hidden under post and papers. Dirty work shoes at the kitchen door.

Mom is crying softly in the bedroom and Dad is pacing the hall.

These are the last words that I will say to you.

The afternoon shifts westward as hands fold upon themselves, over and over and over. We close our eyes and wait for the ceiling to dissolve away, to reveal the glory of the bright white clouds above, the towering clouds we always knew were there.

In the bathroom, the tooth-brush still rests in the glass beside the toothpaste. Tubes of paste and bottles of pills in the cabinet. Silent in the gloom. I look at myself in the mirror and trace the line back into the past, beyond the foyer and front door, the oak tree and garden gate.


I hear the sound of a window being opened and in the silence, I hear the release, the breath and know the last words have been whispered.

Through the open kitchen door, I hear children playing tennis in the street.