About (or what the…?)

William “The Wild Bull” La Fontaine: World Lumberjack, Woodman of the Forest and Gentlemen at Large.

Born on the Bayou Lafourche, originally called the Chetimachas River (you can Google it…its a “thing”) to a French Candian Father and English mother (born in Brahmapur (Odisha), India).

At the age of six and travelling generally South by South West, William “The Wild Bull” La Fontaine was tragically misplaced in a train station at Spooner Row, in the English county of Norfolk.

On the return trip.

Subsequently and moving, in what can be described as a clockwise direction (avoiding Canada), he ended up in the deep forests of Alaska. With a hat.

This may, or may not, be a journal of William “The Wild Bull” La Fontaine’s journey across the globe, to locate a missing shoe and blue lunch box.

In the interim, however, and after a fortuitous meeting with the prominent adventure photographer and renown model train enthusiast, Charles Stokes, (outside the Allied Painters Union Peace Summit),   William “The Wild Bull” La Fontaine and Charles Stokes endeavoured to commit themselves to recording their various experiences of high excitement and smashing adventure.

What follows is (in most cases) a publication of these events.


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